About Us

Ashland’s Decisions at Every Turn (DAET) Coalition is a community-based group with stakeholders from many organizations throughout Ashland. We proudly count parents, youth, law enforcement, school personnel, town administration, local media and business enterprises, civic and volunteer groups, religious and fraternal organizations, healthcare professionals and youth-serving organizations among our members. The group is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy Ashland by working as a community to prevent, reduce, and solve the problems that can lead to youth substance abuse.

In 2013, DAET was awarded a 5-year federal Drug-Free Communities (DFC) grant to increase community collaboration and to reduce rates of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drug use by Ashland teens. Through a comprehensive Strategic Plan which emphasizes evidence-based activities, programs, and strategies for community-level change, DAET has made progress in reducing rates of youth use. After a competitive application process in 2018, DAET was awarded a second 5-year DFC grant to continue its work to increase community collaboration and to reduce youth substance use rates, with an additional focus on sustainability. Our current Strategic Plan is focused on ensuring that the programs, activities, AND the positive outcomes achieved by these initiatives become embedded into the fabric of Ashland and live long past the terms of the grant.

The health and well-being of Ashland youth is our priority. We strive to educate the community about the risks of youth substance use. We are proud to offer this website as a place for community members to increase their knowledge about prevention, access critical tools and resources, and to be inspired to be an ambassador for DAET by getting involved in our work. Tell us more about your interests with DAET or sign up to receive our emails on our Contact Page.

Welcome to Decision at Every Turn! We look forward to meeting you!

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