Will the AHS rules change
What about if it helps you get through the day with anxiety and depression?
How do we stop people from bringing marijuana to school?
Will it make the roads less safe?
How do you convey that weed is bad to a person who thinks weed is good already?
What are the Health Effects of Marijuana?

STAND:  Marijuana Q&A.

In January 2017, the DAET Coalition hosted a STAND lunchtime activity at AHS. Students were asked to write anonymously on sticky notes their concerns, questions, ideas, and thoughts about how the new marijuana law would affect them.  Notes from 65 students were placed on a bulletin board that was displayed in the AHS library. The STAND Leadership team consolidated the questions and selected ten questions to be answered by community leaders inluding DAET Coalition leadership, the APS superintendent, the Town Manager, and the Police Chief. Click the links below to learn more:

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Ashland Kids Have...Decisions at Every Turn...Prevent Youth Substance Use
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