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Cannabis:  A Danger to the Adolescent Brain
Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project Newsletter  August 2012 V

Experimenting with sex, alcohol, and drugs is common during adolescence. Among illicit drugs, marijuana is the most commonly used. The liberalization of marijuana laws and increasing availability of medical marijuana have led to greater acceptance of the drug among adults and adolescents who view it as non-addictive and less harmful than other drugs.

A recent survey of Massachusetts students showed a decline in the perceived harmfulness of marijuana and a reversal of a decade-long decrease in marijuana use. ​
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Casual Marijuana Use Creates Brain Changes

- Health & wellness  The Boston Globe 4/15/14

Young adults who occasionally smoke marijuana show abnormalities in two key areas of their brain related to emotion, motivation, and decision making, raising concerns that they could be damaging their developing minds at a critical time, according to a new study by Boston researchers.

Other studies have revealed brain changes among heavy marijuana users, but this research is believed to be the first to demonstrate such abnormalities in young, casual smokers.

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Marijuana - Know the Risks

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