Decisions at Every Turn Coalition and Collaborator Accomplishments:

10/1/13- 12/31/15

Programming, Outreach & Events



Coalition Meetings (28)

Youth-Focused Coalition Meeting (1)                      

~ 15-20 participants/meeting

Community Conversations (11)                                                          

~ 75 participants

Community Programming



Raising Resilient Children & Adolescents: Bob Brooks            

Positive Approaches to Avoid Power Struggles: Jane Greenstein, PhD

The Digital Age: Positive Parenting for Tech Savvy Clockers

The Anonymous People: Movie Showing

‘Ready, Set, Go!’ Using Unstructured time: How to Support Learning in Young Children


2015-2016 (1)

Medication Safety: Dr.s John and Elizabeth and Byrnes



~115 attendees










~ 10 attendees

Community Events (2)

Youth Marijuana Event

Parent Marijuana Event

~ 35 attendees

Community Discussion

Diversion - What Will Work in Ashland?

Social, Emotional, Mental Health – How to Support your Child Through the School Years 


~30 attendees

~35 attendees

DAET Coalition Retreat

~ 40 attendees

Quarterly DAET Coalition Newsletters

Fall  2014, Winter 2015, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Winter 2016                                  


~ 6,600 homes, community events, online each issue


STAND (Social Norms Kickoff, Year 1)

Round 1,2,3, 4 and 5 Posters, Teasers,2 Lucky Tray Days, Letter sent home to parents

reached ~735 students & ~735 parents/guardians

STAND Year 1: Focus Groups/Pilot Testing (9 rounds of testing)

~100 AHS students/round

STAND Year 1: Snowball Survey at Peer Leadership Meetings(2)

~20 students/round

STAND: Year 2 rollout of parent messages via AHS Principal’s Blog

reached ~ 735 parents/guardians

STAND Year 2: Focus Groups/Pilot testing (3 rounds to date)

~ 100 AHS students/round

STAND Year 2: Round 1,2,3 Posters, 3 Lucky Tray Days

Reached ~735 students

Parenting for Prevention Tip Sheets (10)

Alcohol, Marijuana, How to Talk to Your Kids at Any Age, Tobacco, Opioids, Risk & Protective Factors, Communication, The Teen Brain, Sleep, Stress

Distributed at community events, online, sent out via school principals to all families

Ashland Directions Articles (23)                                                       

~ 6,600 homes/issue 

MetroWest Daily News Article (5)

Anyone accessing MetroWest daily news across the region

Ashland Town Pages Article (2)

~6,600 homes

Ashland Farmer’s Market (2 years)

~40 people

Ashland Day (2 years)

~100 adults and ~100 youth

Coalition Brochure

Community events and posted on website

Coalition Table

·       Ashland Day

·       Farmer’s Market

·       Evening Bullying program at AMS

·       Curriculum night at the Warren School (9/28 and 9/29)

·       Parent night at AHS (10/15)

·       Fun Run around Town at APL (10/17)

·       MHAHS data presentation (2012 Data presented Fall 2013 and 2014 Data presented Fall 2015)


~500 people - update

8th  grade Step Up day presentation

~ 300 8th grade parents and students

Coalition Website

5000+ page views

World Café/Town Hall Meeting




Alcohol EDU- AHS 9th and 10th graders     

~350 students

AMS ASAP Meetings

12 meetings (approx. 5 students)

Red Ribbon Week (ASAP)

~650 AMS youth

- red ribbons attached to student cars in parking lot; distribution of red ribbons before school and at lunch; Homecoming Football game Oct 24 pregame and halftime PR announcements; and distribution of ribbons, wristbands, and red ribbon swag at homecoming game

ASAP Red Ribbon Week subcommittee meeting –9/30

1 meeting

Glow-in-the-Dark Social (ASAP) - 11/14/2014

~100 AMS students

Red Ribbon Week (SADD)—see below

~750 AHS students

Project Purple (SADD)—see below

~300 AHS students

- celebrated at girls’ and boys’ varsity basketball games Oct 30 and Feb 6, respectively; players wear the "Project Purple" jerseys during pregame and halftime; pregame/halftime PR announcements; halftime competitions  for Project Purple swag; and students wear purple shirts to demonstrate their solidarity in the bleachers 

Holiday Lollipop Sales

- members attached various "healthy choices" messages to lollipops sold during the holidays

~400 AHS students

Taped Cable show with Drug Facts and BOS

Taped Cable show with Adolescent Health Survey Results

Taped Cable Show (Fall 2015) Discussion of Coalition Efforts


Scouts health badge


Prescription Drug Drop Box (and sharps container) with APD

~ available to all Ashland residents at all times

Drug Take Back Day (2x/yr: 2013, 2014, 2015) with APD and Ashland Lions Club

~available to all Ashland residents

SADD Sticker Shock Campaign

~ sticker distribution at 5 outlets

Anonymous People screening with HEROinU

~200 attendees





STAND (Social Norms) Training for Coalition Members

~8 members

STAND (Social Norms) Training for AHS Faculty

~60 staff

MAPA Event—JFK Center (Marijuana Forum)

5 from Ashland

MWHS administration training - October 1st

3 APS staff members

New England School of Prevention Studies

1 staff

Ounce of Prevention

2 staff

Sustaining Community Processes and Positive Outcomes for Prevention

3 staff/members

CADCA NYNG1 (Feb, May, July 2015)

3 staff/members

CADCA Mid-Year (Aug 2015)

1 member

Make Prevention Work Webinar

1 staff

Campaign for Change: Harnessing the Power of Effective Communication

2 staff/1 member

Words Can Work: Engaging Youth in Preventing Opioid Addiction

1 staff/1 member

CADCA National Leadership Forum (Feb 2016)

2 staff/5 youth

Collaboration with APD on Diversion Program training (Nov 2015)

26 attendees including APD staff, Coalition staff, APS Superintendent and Ashland Town Manager

Co-Sponsored Alcohol Retailer Training with APD (June 2014 and Sept 2015)


~ 60 attendees including Liquor License owners, Town Manager/assistant, town selectmen, police and staff





Diversion: Five Working Group meetings (Community Discussions held in May 2014 and November 2014 were part of this policy development process)

Roll out of Intervention & Education (Diversion) Program December 2015

6 meetings x 15 members

Health & wellness Committee

2 members



BOH Tobacco Regulations: ban on all flavored tobacco products; age to purchase tobacco products set at 21 (includes e-cigarettes); e-cigarettes treated like other tobacco products –no public smoking; increased minimum price of mini-cigar packs

Impacts all ~16,500 Ashland residents





Regional Nurse (BOH)


Tobacco Compliance Official (BOH)


Opioid Working Group


Mental Health Working Group


ASHPAC (Ashland Parent Advisory Council) -  new partnership


Ashland PTO – new partnership


MetroWest Substance Abuse Prevention Alliance (Start Date: Sept 2015)

~ 10 coalitions/15 members

Hudson SAPC cohort (Start Date: Nov 2015)

~ 6 communities





Ashland Parent Survey 2014


AHS Positive Community Norms Survey 2014

~700 students





Ashland Adolescent Health Survey in 2012 and 2014

~560 students grades 6-8

~ 735 students Grades 9-12

Coalition Member Survey 2014

~ 23 participants


Ashland Kids Have...Decisions at Every Turn...Prevent Youth Substance Use