Ashland Kids Have...Decisions at Every Turn...Prevent Youth Substance Use
One of the best ways you can protect a child from using alcohol and other drugs is by talking openly and honestly with them. 

But where do you start? How do you know what to say? And where can you learn the facts?

At a Community Conversation!

Community Conversations are small informal discussions that emphasize:
•    Learning about youth substance abuse
•    Understanding the effects of substances on the developing brain
•    Education about proven prevention strategies
•    Open dialogue & idea sharing on how to keep kids healthy and alcohol and drug-free 

This year DAET is placing a special focus on reaching parents and other caring adults through Community Conversations and is setting a goal to connect with 200 parents!  While our goal to deliver prevention information to 200 parents is important, the true benefit is the potential for positive change at the community level. As parents talk with one another about their ideas and expectations for their own children, these conversations help support a community norm towards healthy and substance-free Ashland youth. 

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