Ashland Kids Have...Decisions at Every Turn...Prevent Youth Substance Use


Member Name


Organization Name and Role


Specific Contribution to Coalition

Youth (an individual 18 or younger)


Ashland High School, Students

Liaisons to youth groups in the community; ability to give student perspective/to discussions; encourage peer participation in Coalition Events.


Elizabeth (Liz) Byrnes

Ashland parent of four children

Member of the Ashland Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), served on the district Curriculum Committee, and is a neuroscientist specializing in substance abuse research; she serves on Coalition subcommittees and makes presentations to community groups.


Alex Carleton, Nadine Heaps, John Ellsworth

Ashland Business Association, Members

Liaison to the local business community. Assists with opportunities for community outreach and Coalition partnerships within the business community.


Al Porter

Ashland Directions, Publisher and Editor

Publishes and edits articles and announcements for Coalition in local newspaper that is delivered for free to every home in Ashland.


Jim Adams

Ashland Public Schools, Superintendent

Liaison between Coalition and school administrators, parents and students; assists in review and possible modification and enforcement of school policy and curriculum; contributes to the youth-led social norms campaign. Provides meeting space and office space.

Youth-Serving Organization

Cara Tirrell

Town of Ashland, Director of Ashland Department of Youth and Family Services; Co-Chair, Ashland Teen Advisory Committee

Plans and facilitates Community Conversations; adds value to discussions on town policy change as it relates to lower income families; assists with capacity building.

Law Enforcement

Craig Davis

Ashland Police Department, Chief

Responsible for identifying training needs for police officers on best practices in law enforcement policies and procedures regarding underage substance use, provides social indicator data.

Religious or Fraternal Organization

Steve McMillan

St. Cecelia’s Church, Religious educator

Assists the Coalition with increasing

the diversity and membership by

publicizing Coalition events, hosting

one community coffee a year,

and allowing the Coalition to use

the Family center for community


Civic or Volunteer Group

Betsy Emberley

Friends of Ashland Public Library, President

Assists the Coalition with providing parent and community programs; assists the Coalition with community and youth outreach.

Healthcare Professional

Audrey LaCroix

Ashland Public Schools, Head Nurse

Assists in modification and/or enforcement of school policy; Liaison between students, parents, school administration, and police.

State, Local, or Tribal Governmental Agency with Expertise in the Field of Substance Abuse

Judith Margulies

Ashland Board of Health, Town Elected Member

Elected Board of Health member who assists with assessing, modifying and/or increasing enforcement of existing substance use/ abuse town policies.

Other Organization Involved in Reducing Substance Abuse

Bill Phillips; Lisa Ulbrich

New Beginnings, Founder and certified counselor in substance abuse; Recovery Coach

Advises and assists in developing

programs and policies for the

Ashland community; treatment

provider to community members;

recommends speakers for

Coalition run events.


A list of Sector Members and their role on the Coalition can be found below.  Click here to learn what it means to be a Sector Member.

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