Ashland Kids Have...Decisions at Every Turn...Prevent Youth Substance Use

Dear Members of the Ashland Community:

Welcome to our Coalition website! “Decisions at Every Turn”, Ashland’s substance abuse prevention coalition, has received funding through a five year Drug Free Communities/ONDCP national grant in order to provide needed resources as we work to prevent, delay and reduce youth use right here in our community. This funding presumes that we know what is best for our community and with the right resources, we can make changes.

Substance abuse is an issue that affects everyone. Every adult must decide about whether they will use tobacco and alcohol; legalized marijuana may be here soon. Why the concern? Tragedies involving substance use and families happen every day.  using alcohol and other drugs can impact a youth’s school, athletic and interpersonal development and can lead to the derailment of an otherwise bright future.

Science tells us that concerns about healthy brain development and addiction are real and there are proven protective factors that help minimize risk. We need to work together to make Ashland as healthy a community as it can be. But there is work to do!

On this site you will find current information about substance use among Ashland youth, proven strategies to support the prevention of use, resources in the event that someone you care about is struggling, and opportunities to get involved. We hope you will visit the site often and get involved to keep Ashland youth safe and healthy! If you have questions about how to join us, to share feedback or suggestions, please contact us.


Amy Turncliff, Director

Learn about the DAET Coalition in this Video:

Decisions at Every Turn Coalition Leaders:

Saumya Sankhavaram, MPH

DFC Coordinator

Amy Turncliff, Ph.D.

DFC Director

Kristin French, LCSW

Outreach Coordinator

Liz Byrnes, Ph.D.

Coalition Chair

Claudia Rose

Coalition Treasurer

Denise Montoya

Coalition Secretary